TLDR: VERSION: At one time there were upwards of 3,500 Sears stores in Oregon and Washington state. Only 1 remains!

How many Sears locations were here in the Upper Pacific Northwest?

Recently we saw Sears stores closing left and right in the Pacific Northwest. Yakima's location in Washington state was one that held on as long as it could, closing just last year. As one of the largest retailers, or just about any medium to large-sized town would have a Sears department store. Bigger cities would even have multiple Sears locations.

Sears Hometown Stores WA State
Estafania Cortes on Unsplash/Canva

Often an anchor location to any popular mall, Sears was the place to get just about anything you need including budget clothing, designer-brand clothes, suits, dresses and even items like lawnmowers, laundry machines and so much more.

In the late '70s to early '80s you could even buy a Sears-brand Atari 2600. In today's market, that would be like if you could get a TJ Maxx Xbox or a brand new Macy's Nintendo Switch.

How many Sears stores are left?

Sears Store Front, Sad Heart Emoji
tsm/Timmy - Canva

Do you miss Sears? Do you wish you could still shop for amazing products at low, low prices? Well, you can! I've seen a couple of conflicting reports, but there are less than 20 now around these parts. I saw some that said 12 Sears locations, some that say 17, but less than 20 stores remaining compared to 3,500 is quite a drop in numbers.

Not that it's funny, but when you look at the map that ScrapeHero has made, it looks like one of those commercials where they have the dirt on the dish and drop the repellent soap into it and all the dirt escape to all corners of the plate. That's what it looks like for the remaining Sears location.

Where is the last Sears in the Upper Pacific Northwest?

If you look south of Seattle, Wash., you'll find the tiny town of Tukwila, right between Renton and the SeaTac airport. Tukwila is a neat town that has one of the best malls in the Northwest, the Westfield Southcenter Mall. Not only are there some unique shops here but they also have a Sears store that's very much so open for businesses. It is the last one left in all of Washington and Oregon. Only three Sears stores remain in California!

Sears at Southcenter Mall in Tukwila WA
Google Maps

It might just be a quick 2.5 hour drive or so away for you; Just think: you could be doing all of your back-to-school shopping all over again at Sears! Take advantage of it while you still can.

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