Rivers of Nihil bassist Adam Biggs, also the technical/progressive death metal band's primary lyricist, has seemingly deactivated his public Twitter account after getting called out on the social site for tweets he liked by people advancing conservative viewpoints.

According to a June 8 Lambgoat report, Biggs subsequently responded in an online statement, ostensibly issued before the removal of his @biggsonbass account, saying the likes were taken out of context and that he supports the "rights of people from all walks of life."

A Twitter user that illustrated a selection of Biggs' likes is the editor of the heavy metal blog Noob Heavy, who goes by the name Kep.

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"Been coming to terms with the fact that I'll never be able to listen to [Rivers of Nihil's acclaimed 2018 album] Where Owls Know My Name again because Rivers of Nihil's bassist and main songwriter is a raging bigot," Kep wrote on Twitter June 5, the message appended to screenshots of some tweets that Biggs had liked. See the thread below.

Kep Points Out Biggs' Twitter Likes

Kep's first sample of screenshots of Biggs' likes shows a comparison of Saudi and American societal values by the conspiracy theorist and internet personality Owen Benjamin, followed by a tweet discussing transgender rights relating to public bathroom use by the comedian Louis C.K.

The second selection of likes shows a tweet referring to flags by the right-wing political commentator Tim Pool, a Kanye West fan account's tweet about the embattled hip-hop artist, a tweet about money from media personality Andrew Tate, a tweet about mass shootings from actor Kevin Sorbo, and a tweet about COVID from Adam Carolla.

As of June 9, Biggs' Twitter account appears to no longer be active. See the screenshot below.

Adam Biggs' Twitter account
Twitter: @biggsonbass

At some point around June 8, per Lamboat, Biggs replied in a note, "I understand why folks here might be upset by the things they've seen in certain posts about me recently. Allow me to first say that I'm in no way a bigot and I support the rights of people from all walks of life, absolutely including friends and fans in the LGBTQ+ community."

He continued, "I've never equated a 'like' as an endorsement of any viewpoint. I use Twitter as a means of keeping my eye on a VAST array of ideas, especially ones separate from my own, as an artist I believe this is an important practice. I like these posts as a way of keeping my timeline from being an echo chamber. I'm no fan of hate mongering celebrity figures either (people like Andrew Tate are clearly horrible), but I do constantly try to understand all sorts of views."

Biggs added, "I apologize for any pain or confusion my activity on this site may have caused anyone. And I'd like to say that it's still encouraging to me that so many of you have connected with my music at some point or another. I'd ask that you trust that my art is truly who I am, not my interactions on this platform."

In 2021, Rivers of Nihil released their latest, The Work, before parting ways with guitarist Jonathan Topore in April 2022 and unclean vocalist Jake Dieffenbach in October 2022. Rivers are Nihil are due to play shows across North America with Between the Buried and Me this summer.

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Other Fan Responses

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