Whether you’re craving fourth meal or just a small snack, we are in no short supply of fast-food places to choose from when hunger hits. McD’s, Jack in the Box, KFC, Burger King, Taco Time, etc. Restaurants are always releasing new products to stay ahead in the fast-food world! Some are more popular than others.

Taco Bell is one of those restaurants that update their menu every couple of months (if not sooner). Some of the new items they introduce/bring back are immediate fan favorites (looking at you, Mexican Pizza). Others can leave you scratching your head.


At a recent lunch, I opened my meal to discover a weird “3-sided” taco shell. It tasted fine, a little crunchier on one side than I would have liked, but like a standard taco. My friend was excited that it was a new product. Maybe that is what it is, although I’m more convinced that it was an accident.

Taco with 3 shells.

The other day, I ordered the same menu combo at the same restaurant. I get home, and to my amazement, the same type of 3-sided taco. This leads me to two conclusions… Taco Bell is experimenting with super crunchy side tacos, or that particular location has an employee who keeps screwing up and breaking the side of a taco and does their best to repair the damage. I’m leaning towards the latter.

3 shelled taco

"It's like a Big Mac of tacos?" - My Wife


3 Shelled taco

Now that I’ve brought this question to the public, I would not be surprised if (soon) we see a type of two-chambered, 3-sided taco. Lord knows that I’d buy it! What are your thoughts? Accident or purpose? Would you eat it? Tap the App and let us know.

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