I am willing to assume that every actor goes into every project hoping for the best. Even when they choose a project for the money, they surely still want the film to be good and for their audience to be satisfied. (Also, they do like the money. And can you blame them? Money is good.)

Of course, you know what they say about the road to hell and good intentions. Occasionally, despite all best efforts, a movie turns out poorly. Occasionally, a film turns out worse than poorly. At that point, an actor has three options: They can ignore the project entirely, they publicly pretend they like the movie, or they can be honest about the mess they helped to create.

In almost all cases, filmmakers will chose the former option. You never know when you might work with that director or that co-star again, so it literally pays to be diplomatic. The director you bash today could be the one who’s casting a futuristic breakdancing movie tomorrow. (Don’t you think it’s time for one of those? Breakin’ 3: Futuristic Jubilee? No? Just me? Fine.)

But then there are those rare movie stars who are brutally honest about their bombs. They don’t care about hurt feelings — or maybe they do care but they are so angry, hurt, or flat-out embarrassed that they feel compelled to publicly speak out against their own films. We love those sorts of actors — and it is to those courageous men and women that this list is humbly dedicated.

Actors Who Admitted They Hated Their Own Movies

These big-time movie stars publicly voiced their displeasure with movies they starred in.

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