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‘Deadpool’ Wants You to Get Touchy in New Cancer PSAs
The marketing geniuses behind Deadpool have been taking some unconventional tactics: there was that hilarious poop emoji billboard, and the billboards / posters promoting the film as a Valentine’s Day romance, and now the Merc With a Mouth wants you to get handsy with yourself, promoting a li…
Deadpool Involved in Hit & Run
Nothing can take down Deadpool, and damn near nothing can take down the actor who will be playing Deadpool in the upcoming movie, Mr. Ryan Reynolds. He was hit by a car
Watch Ryan Reynolds Confirm 'Deadpool' Rating
Just the other day, Ryan Reynolds revealed that he’s been fighting with Fox over the rating for Deadpool, which he (and many other fans) firmly believes should be rated R. That’s been the big Deadpool question this week, and now it appears we have an unequivocal answer thanks to the ma…
Ryan Reynolds Exits ‘Highlander’ Reboot
It's been months since we've heard anything about the plotted 'Highlander' reboot, which may explain why the latest news isn't that positive. Ryan Reynolds was slotted to play the lead but has now left the project.