Jan. 10 is "National Poetry Day At Work," which is always fun! Sharing poetry with your co-workers can be a blast.  This one is from our sales assistant, Nikki, as she is sending me copy for our "Get Fit" tips.

'Roses are Red… Violets are blue… here is a rundown of the Health Tips for you!'

I like it!

Dave Ettl from Newtalk 1280 KIT wrote this one:


Kelly West is quite a gal,

working pro & loyal pal

First to help, First to cheer

First to tip an ice cold beer


Standing by the lake

With a fishing pole

Yup that’s all HER

That ain’t no role


Yah she rocks a bad ass tattoo

Looks better on her than it would on you!

She likes her music cranked up loud

And the Red, White & Blue truly makes her proud


Bikes & Vets & Rock and Roll

You best keep it real, you best not troll

'Cuz the Rock Chick’s working

She’s got HOT tunes to play

And she’s just what we need

On a cold snowy day!


Wow! I love that one especially the part where it says "Red, White & Blue!"

Here is mine for our sales department:


Yakima salespeople are a different breed.

They make us money and plant that seed.

During the day when they can't find me.

They scream "Kelly West, where are you, can I buy you some tea?"

They day turns into night and the night into day.

But at the end of it all, our team plows the way!


What is a poem you have for your co-workers? Tell us in the comments below.


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