Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is slowly being replaced by peppermint, and the germs are everywhere! Rite Aid wants to combat that by creating a flu-free community, and that means they're giving flu shots to everyone our community counts on, including YOU! You need to stay healthy! No matter what your job is, from delivering mail to cooking food, people depend on you! Don't let them down by getting knocked down-and-out with the flu! Rite Aid is here for you.

It's no cost with most insurance, no appointment needed, and all shots are given by a certified immunizer. No, that's not Timmy... he's certified to take stuff out of you, not put stuff in (phlebotomist joke). Come visit Timmy & 94.5 KATS at the Rite Aid at 12 N. 9th Ave, this Tuesday (Nov. 26th) from 11a till 1p. He'll have giveaways, and he'll be right there to hold your hand, or tell you jokes and distract you from the little poke of the shot!

For more details about flu shots, visit Riteaid.com, or come on by and talk to a Rite Aid Pharmacist today. The vaccines are available while supplies last, but Timmy will only be there from 11a till 1p, after that, you'll have to figure out your own shot distractions!

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