Well, we made it.

The week we have all been anticipating for the last few weeks has finally arrived.

Journey was worth the wait.

Journey at the SunDome

Arnel Pineda made quick work of the stage as the band kicked off the show with "Separate Ways." The energy never stopped from Pineda, who ran all over from left to right on the stage during the evening.

KATS listeners were of course in heaven, especially our Journey to Journey winners! The great folks at Aladin Limo did a great job getting us deluxe luxury transportation to the show, which by the way they mentioned they are available for you to book for the next SunDome show. I highly recommend using a limo service for concerts.

It means not having to park at the SunDome, waiting for paying to park, walking from the back of the parking lot, or wandering around aimlessly after show looking for the car.

In the case of Seattle shows, it means not having to drive. If you get a party limo with ten friends, that makes total sense rather than driving separate cars just to go to the same place. Our friends at Aladin are locally owned and operated for over 12 years, plus their chauffeurs have over 38 years of combined limousine experience, to meet your needs.

Personally, I have been using Aladin for the last few years and the drivers are always polite and thoughtful. When traveling downtown Seattle and trying to leave after a concert can be stressful, but it is a dream as you sit in the back of Aladin Limousine's beautifull white 23 seat Ford Excursion limousine or black 14 seat Chevrolet Suburban limousine.

I have a hard time driving my minivan in that traffic. Trust me, the professionals at Aladin are worth every penny. Call for Reservations! (509) 969-2877 or email them at info@aladinlimo.com.

We also got a nice cheese and fruit tray from Gasperetti's, which was amazing.

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