The favorite beer in America just doesn't get the love here in Yakima that it does elsewhere.

According to our unscientific KATS FM poll question, "What is Yakima's favorite American beer?" most folks in Yakima do not reach for a Bud Light like the rest of the nation.

I'm not sure that means that Yakima is destined for the pit of misery, but surely the Bud Light king dude would let us sacrifice the ones that wrote in votes in the poll but do not know what "American" beer means.

TSM - Beer Poll Results 1-25-18

Coors Light is by far and away the most popular domestic beer here in Yakima, which is not surprising if you've ever ordered a round at a local bar.

Bud Light did happen to come in second, but the big surprise was the write-in votes for Bale Breaker/Field 41 placing the local beer in a solid #3 position.

Blue Moon and Irish Death were honorable mentions on the write-in campaigns.

Vitamin-R, or Rainier beer, came in with a solid performance at 7% of the vote.

Thanks for taking our poll and suggesting some tasty options!

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