Guitarist Kerry King marked one year since the final Slayer show with a virtual toast to metal fans this week.

Slayer — the "Big Four" thrash act that King helped formed back in 1981 — performed their concluding gig on Nov. 30, 2019, at Los Angeles' Forum as part of the band's farewell tour.

Precisely 12 months later, King's wife, Ayesha, made sure the guitarist visibly marked the occasion on social media by — what else? — donning a Slayer shirt and downing a shooter of hard liquor.

"Kerry threw on a Slayer shirt and poured a shot for you all to mark the anniversary of the last Slayer show one year ago today," Ayesha said alongside a photo from Monday (Nov. 30). "Have a shot with us! Cheers friends!"

But the Kings weren't the only ones to publicly remember the final Slayer gig.

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian seemed to get a little nostalgic recalling the evening with his own Instagram post. He included a snapshot of Slayer's four members — King, bassist-vocalist Tom Araya, guitarist Gary Holt and drummer Paul Bostaph — congregating backstage for the last time.

"The last Slayer show was a year ago tonight," Ian said. "Pearl [Aday, Ian's wife] snuck this pic of their last band photo shoot backstage at the Forum right before they walked to the stage for the last time."

And that was indeed the last time Slayer would walk out on stage together, according to most people in the band's inner circle. About a month after the final concert, Ayesha King made clear that there wasn't "a chance in hell" the group would eventually get back together.

Slayer manager Rick Sales concurred: "They've been doing this for so long," he told the Los Angeles Times. "They just said, 'OK, this is enough.' My analogy is Jerry Seinfeld, who had probably the biggest TV show when he went out on top. I respect the band for the decision. If you're going to do it, this is the way."

Update: It appears that Ayesha set her Instagram profile to private shortly after this post was published.

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