Forget storming Area 51 on September 20th, there's a new Facebook even that's gaining steam! The "Leave Work And Go The Beer Garden, They Can't Sack All Of Us" event is set to take place on Monday, August 19th. It was created by a Facebook page called The Sesh, based out of London, and is encouraging people to just take a day off and and drink (responsibly). The event already has 30 thousand people going (or not going to work) with a 103 thousand people wondering if they might be fired if they play Heineken hooky (interested).

Event goer Dave Carr asked the important question "Can we go for a practice run tomorrow? Y'know... abit of training for an event never did any harm!" While another ambious work skipper, Harry Wetzel, commented how "I'm gonna support you from Jacksonville North Carolina in the USA... Cheers!"

Will you be participating? Or is going to be the old "let's not, but say we did?"

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