At first on air staff at KATS FM didn't know what to make of the guy with black work gloves sticking out of his back pocket.

The man circled the large satellite dish that captures ESPN and Fox News for KUTI AM and KIT AM. He began tugging at the large cables after studying them for a while.

He tried loosening the ends so he could see if he could detach the cable.

It was at this point that staff knew they needed to intervene.

He had a hoodie covering his face, so KATS Brand Manager Brian Henderson went out the back door to identify the man.

As he opened the back door, the gentleman was rummaging through the cigarette butts in the outdoor ashtray on the other side of the building.

"Who are you and what are you doing here," Henderson asked.

The man identified himself as "Chad,"

"I am just going through stuff," he said with droopy eyes and weird smile.

"Why? You have no business here and you could have been injured trying to remove those cables." I informed him.

I warned the man not to return and he became irritated and the smile disappeared.

Henderson then decided to capture a photo of the trespasser in case he decided to return.

"I am taking your photo to post and share so everyone knows to look out for you," I told him.

"Go ahead and take my picture. I don't care." he said as he finally began making his way away from the property.

So, if you see this gentleman wandering around the outside of your home or office building, he is probably up to no good.

This is not a new problem. The Department of Energy estimates that copper theft is responsible for $1 billion worth of damage every single year.


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