With the frenzy that accompanies the ramp-up to Christmas, we often forget about those deployed in the service who cannot be home for the holidays.

A new Christmas song by the rock band Madison Rising is written from the point of view of a soldier who longs to be home and also remembers his comrades and brothers-in-arms who died while serving.

*CAUTION* Beware of onion-cutting ninjas in the vicinity when watching and listening!

Soldier’s Christmas
The leaves have all fallen back home where I'm from
Thanksgivings come, Thanksgivings gone
And my family tells stories 'round their Christmas tree
In the warm living room on Christmas Eve

And the candlelight shimmers as I write down this song
In a place far away-from family and home
As the pen hits the paper...the shadows grow long
But I stay here a soldier...just me and my gun...

On this Christmas I'll tell you...with truth in my heart
From a place that's forgotten by time God and love
I'll stay here a man...of my word and faith but there's nothing in this world
That I wouldn't trade to go home...

I want to go home
I want to go hooooome
On Christmas daaaay

Get me out of this place
Take me back to the states
To the place of my birth
Greatest country on earth
On this Christmas
On this Christmas.

But for those who will never see those leaves fall again
Or get to spend Christmas with family and friends
I'll see this war through-all the way to the end
For who am I to wish for my home more than them

They gave their full measure till nothing was left
And for all our freedom they gave their last breath
They gave it with honor… with Faith, trust and love
It just doesn't seem fair.. (That they'll never get )..To go home
They'll never go home
They've all soldiered on -to march with The Lord

May peace, love and grace
Find their families this day
As we remember the price… And that sacrifice...that each of them gaaaave

On this Christmas...
They gave till they had nothing left
Oooon this Christmas.....
For us they gave their last breath
On this Christmas…
So we could stay strong in the fight

Christmas day…
Night after pitch black night!

On this Christmas…
We thank you with all of our hearts
On this Christmas…
We'll never understand what you've lost
This Christmas....
Continue to fight in their name
Christmas Day…
And no they did not die in vain…
On this Christmas

The leaves have all fallen back home where I'm from
Thanksgivings come and Thanksgivings gone
But I'll stay in the fight… I'll soldier on…
For the ones who will never come home