After a new internet fad has gained popularity with mixed results, YouTuber L.A. Beast took it upon himself to make the "Drink A Beer With A Leaf Blower" challenge a success! In other failed attempts, you saw people trying to drink while being blown in the face by the yard tool and others where you pour the beer into the blower. These just end in big messes. Leave it to L.A. Beast to build a contraption that he has named "The Leaf Blower 72 Oz Liquid Annihilator" using duct tape, plastic tubes and a two-liter bottle. What's more impressive, by practicing throat control, he was able to down the entire thing in less than 40 seconds.

The best part of the video (above) is his speech at the end. Letting NASA know if they need any more scientists ... give him a call. Not to mention, if you are gonna drink, drink responsibly. I'm not sure if using a leaf blower to drink is responsible, but it sure is impressive.

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