In probably the closest thing we've had to world peace since Pokémon GO hit smart phones, one man dared to do something awesome! Below is a video that shows, just a normal man, singing a song out loud. The louder he got, the more people took notice, and joined in. Next thing you know, a London park full of people were rocking out to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer". Check the video out below:

As of now, the mysterious music man is unknown (as best as I can find), but the comments in the YouTube video are both funny, and awesome.

When commenters ask why the video is so short, for something so awesome. The guesses include "that the crowd didn't know anymore words" as well as how "the next part of the song is a wicked guitar solo, which everyone in the park was not prepared for." Either way, this still gives me hope for humanity!

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