When I was a kid, my dad had every tool ever made. I mean every kind of tool. Power tools, Alan wrench's, jacks, screwdrivers and everything.  As a result, I now keep my tool area stocked up. There are very few tools that I do not have. The ones I do not have is because of money. Freaking tools are so expensive. And 90 percent of the time, when I have to give my car or truck a tune up, or fix my washing machine, I need that 'specialty tool!' That 'specialty tool' usually costs and arm and a freaking leg and maybe half of an eye. HA My friend Jessi, who likes tools as much as me, told me about this huge sale for tools. They will even have some free items which makes me even more 'tool ecstatic!'Harbor Freights tools is doing a huge tool sale now until Sunday. They are practically giving away there inventory. I am on it.

I did a little more digging on the event and they said if you mention 'Joe' who is the guy doing their commercials for their tool sale then a person would receive a free gift!

So, when you go in to Harbor Frieght Tools this weekend say 'Joe' and also say KATS & The Bull too so they know you have good taste in rock and country music! HA


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