My daughter and I stopped by The Newsroom in Chalet Place (off 56th and Summitview, next to Wray's) I'm admittedly not much for coffee or tea but the gelato caught my attention. Sure, why not, I'll go for the Maui Punch flavor because 'why not' and I'm glad I did.

The best I can describe is it tasted like a 1980's Kool-Aid flavor, but forget which one. Probably 'Tropical Punch' or whatever it was. It was a wayback machine that brought me back to my youth when walkman's and breakdancing were still popular.

I'm a fan of gelato to begin with. It's like Ice Cream without all the extra stuff - and I do love me some ice cream. The colors were vibrant but the flavor was great. Glad we stopped by.

There's other gelato spots in Yakima but this was just my story on this specific thing I ordered.

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