When the Townsquare Media Rock stations across the nation kicked off the Maximum Metallica M72 Experience (courtesy of Blackened Recordings), we knew it was going to be huge! That was an understatement!

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We received almost 60 thousand entries from over 58 hundred people. Many by the code words that we were giving out 4 times a day. Players who got “social” with us with our App were able to score extra entries. But when it all came down to it, only one person could achieve the Maximum Metallica Experience!


Congrats to Carl Wilson (pictured below). He and a friend will be heading to see Metallica in August for their M72 tour. Carl scored not only the tickets to the show at So-Fi Stadium, but airfare to L.A., hotel stay, and $500 (so he can get a t-shirt or two), all courtesy of Blackened Recordings.

Rocker at a Concert Venue
Pic courtesy of Carl Wilson

If you still have the craving to see Metallica, they will be coming to the Pacific Northwest in 2024. Metallica will be rocking with Pantera & Mammoth WVH at Lumen Field in Seattle on August 30th and with Mammoth WVH & Ice Nine Kills on September 1st.

What’s Next?

It’s going to be hard to top a massive contest like this past Metallica one. But with many great tours happening all over the country and coming to our neck of the woods, the future does look pretty awesome. Keep an eye on our Win Stuff page for all the current contests, and keep the KATS APP handy with your notifications on.



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