So, I just pull off off the freeway, taking exit 34, and then get into the left turn lane to head back towards town on Nob Hill. I'm stopped at the light, and there's a bigger truck a couple cars ahead of me. It's a loud a truck, a manly truck, a truck with a loud muffler. The light turns green, I hear a loud noise, and the truck a head of me seems to get louder. The Next thing I know, the car in front of me has to swerve out of the way, so I follow suit to avoid "road debris".

The next day, I'm on the same route, and as I'm turning, I see the thing that was the cause of the truck's increase of volume and the possible flat tire I almost received. It was a tailpipe! I just wonder what as going through the truck driver's mind. "Man, I wish my truck could get louder, so I can let the world know how awesome I am!" *BOOM* "Hey, ALRIGHT! Thank you 'Truck Jesus'"

Luckily for all of us motorists who drive on Nob Hill, someone moved the discarded tailpipe to the side of the road to prevent any possible wrecks caused by the metal just laying there.


Not sure if the truck driver got into trouble, thought he was too loud, or had trucker's remorse, but the tailpipe has disappeared. I'm not even sure if the original owner came back to reclaim is truck pipe. Maybe someone from the city picked it up, to help clean the roads. If that was the case, they left the piece of green twine, that I'm not convinced was helping hold the tailpipe on. Maybe someone totally not related to the incident took it for some at home metal arts & crafts, maybe a home made potato gun. We may never know, but if this was your tailpipe, and you didn't grab it, kiss it good bye, because it's gone! I guess you could say,


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