Happy Frozen, Minecraft, Beyoncé, Drake, Music
I searched for the most searched words when people are looking for YouTube videos and came up with these:
Music (236 Million)
Minecraft (44.3 Million)
Movies (17 Million)
Drake (12.2 Million)
Beyonce (13 Million)
Frozen (11.7 Million)
Happy (58...
First, let me be above board and put this right out on the table.
94.5 KATS is firing up our own YouTube channel.  You can subscribe, if you'd like, by clicking here:
Since we just fired it up, I thought I'd monkey around with it a bit since I&a…
People Are Awesome!
There is some stuff on this video that I would never do in a million years but the people who are doing them, I commend them!!
They are so crazy with some of the stuff that they do!  In all of the 'People Are Awesome' videos, this is by far my favorite...

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