Sure, we've all heard of a TOLL bridge where you have to pay a fee to get across but a TROLL bridge?
We have exactly just that right here in our state -- one of the quirky landmarks that makes Washington weird!

Having been born in Lake City, a suburb of Seattle, and having many family members and friends that reside there to this very day, I have always been keenly aware of the troll underneath the George Washington Bridge on Aurora Avenue North. It is a notable landmark beloved by locals and tourists alike. That said, I have never actually seen it in person and, frankly, didn't know much about the history. Until now...

At a recent visit to my dad's house, I noticed a coffee table book called "Weird Washington" written by Jeff Davis and Al Eufrasio. There was a business card inside from Inklings Bookshop here in Yakima so I, naturally, have to assume that is where it was purchased ($19.95). One of the myriad oddities documented in the book was the "Fremont Troll".

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According to the authors, the Fremont Arts Council wanted something that their community could identify with and asked ideas for the empty space under the bridge. A group of four artists designed the troll concept and was voted the winner back in 1990.

The troll is made of metal, wire mesh and concrete and is clutching an actual Volkswagen Beetle! Adding an air of creepiness is the shiny hubcap eye that the troll, seemingly, stares at visitors with.

In 2005,Aurora Avenue North was actually renamed "Troll Avenue" in honor of the oddity!

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