I guess in some ways I am old school. Fire and brimstone. Eye for an eye. I do believe that people in some form or fashion should be forgiven, though, so maybe I am not all that Old Testament. But Charles Manson ... really? He shouldn't even still be alive. Not to mention the fact that the prison is allowing him to get married. Charles Manson and his significant other, Afton, filed for a marriage license some time ago. However, it is set to expire this Thursday. The sad thing for the jerk is that the prison only allows inmates to get married on weekends during visiting hours. Well, bummer for those two. I still am beside myself on why he is still breathing.

Charles Manson ordered the lives of nine people to be taken in the 1960s. One of those people had married a black woman, which enraged Manson and his kooky followers, "the family."

The only thing we have to thank Charles Manson for is some badass tunes written about him. HA! That's pretty much it.

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