I used to be a huge fan of Hostess Ding Dongs when I was growing up. When Hostess sold and changed the recipe for the worse I stopped buying them but still miss them. To my glee, there's a place in town that makes their own version of a Hostess Ding Dong and it's far better than the original, much larger and cheap at only $2 each.

If you're looking for yours, check out MOD Pizza and right by the cashier, after you order your pizza (or not), there's a pile of them for $1.97 each. They're named No Name Cakes for obvious reasons and I think they're wonderful. I usually grab two or three at checkout.

There two locations for MOD Pizza in Yakima -- on 26th and Nob Hill as well as in Union Gap by Goodwill on Main Street. Either location has them for you. Seriously, as if the pizza wasn't already awesome these No Name Cakes are definitely worth the stop.

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