It's decorative gourd season, party people!

On Sunday, my 15 year-old son, Drew, took a huge pumpkin that his grandpa (my dad) grew in his garden and began to carve a jack-'o-lantern. Of course, he first had to cut a lid and gut it. I helped him with that boring, messy task but, other than that, he designed and carved it entirely by himself. Mind you, this was the first time he ever attempted that on his own. As a dad raised with the same tradition, I always did most of the carving but, alas, the torch has been passed.

Drew took his Metallica t-shirt and spread it out on the kitchen table. He then took a piece of ruled notebook paper and drew, freehand, the band's legendary logo. He then taped it onto the now gutless pumpkin. He used a toothpick to punch tiny holes into the skin of the massive gourd outlining the letters. After about 90 minutes of effort and patience -- voila`! -- a Metallica "Rock-'O-Lantern!"

Not too shabby for a first time, eh?

We still have one big-assed pumpkin left to carve. What rock logo do you think we should try next?
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