The pandemic has been tough on all of us. I firmly believe school kids have taken it in the shorts the worst. The time spent, not only NOT learning, but not having the outlet for socializing, having fun, playing.. simply being a kid and growing up! The crucial time for social skills, as well as educational skills has been hampered. Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer! As things start to get better, more and more things are opening back up. We've had restaurants, movie theaters, and now schools are starting to welcome kids back into the classroom! Excited for this, my hometown of Naches (Go Rangers) released a video with narration by school superintendent Robert Bowman.

The video shows pictures of the Naches schools (High, Middle & Elementary) as well as students learning and playing sports post pandemic, along with a beautiful & inspiring narration. Read the transcript & watch the video below:

Social distancing, quarantine, masks. Who would’ve thought that a year ago we would have to shut down school and reinvent ourselves as educators? Some things we did well, others not so much, but we learned, and one of the many lessons is how amazing this community is. How dedicated our staff is and our willingness to do whatever it takes to get students back. We’re so excited to see all of our students faces on April 21st. To have all of our students back at school is such a privilege for us. We’ve been through a lot this last year, and yet we've been able to endure, because, that's what Rangers do Ranger pride! I graduated a Ranger. I’m proud to be a ranger, and it’s still a great day to be a ranger. We'll see you on April 21st.

-Robert Bowman

The video ends with a heartfelt thank you to the community, for their support and patience. If you'd like to learn more, visit & look under the COVID information.



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