First off... yes, I know the above picture is of a guy drinking Absolute Vodka, but, just hear me out. Maybe, just maybe, it's actually water! Think about it, how many times have you thought about sneaking booze into work, movie theater, hospital, court, daycare, etc. You think to yourself "Hmm, vodka is clear, water is clear, who would know?" Why can't that happen in reverse? Well, maybe this Seahawk fan knows that he's going to be out partying for a quite a while enjoying a late night, but doesn't want his friends teasing him. Maybe he put water in his vodka bottle. He's smart & he's staying hydrated! I'm sure that's not the case for this picture, but who am I to judge!?!

It's National Hydration Day! So I thought I'd tell you the tale of my hydration inspired joke! This past weekend I was mowing my lawn, and it was hot. No where near as hot as it's going to get this weekend, but it was still hot, I'm a fat guy, and I'm outside doing landscaping type work. I was sweating, quite a bit. I posted on my social media a joke:

Well, most people got my joke, but a few were concerned. Needless to say I went and drank lots of water. I know the importance of staying hydrated. I know at least for my body, I try to drink a full bottle before I go to bed and as soon as I wake up. I drink several bottles throughout the day. I also know that if I start to get a headache, before I reach for pills, I try some water. And if I'm hungry, I chug some water first. I'd say 75% of the time, water does the trick. So, as the days are getting hotter and life is being rougher with you. Make sure you drink water! You might still be miserable, but at least you'll be hydrated! Also while you're at it, check on your outdoor pets, make sure to water them, and while you're water things, make sure to water the elderly too! Not too much though, otherwise they'll get even more wrinkly. Join me next time for Timmy's Timely Tips... or my Tim Talks... whatever! Don't Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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