Before I tell you the favorite jokes floating around my household, I want to point out the irony or coincidence that International Joke Day is the same as National Canada Day.

Just a little FYI for everyone keeping track at home!

I would apologize to Canada for that observation, but aren't they the ones who apologize, eh?

Now that we've cleared that up, Happy International Joke Day to one and all!

How do you celebrate it? Tell a joke. Usually, the dumber, the better.

Two common jokes around my house, are ones that my wife gets very annoyed about.

Guy laughing at the Washington sign

The first one goes like this:

She starts a sentence and then pauses to collect her thoughts. But she has the habit of starting the sentence with "Okay, so…"

I reply quickly with, "Queso is in the fridge!"

I laugh!

She debates why she married me.

The second joke changed my wife's everyday vocabulary and a common phrase. But before I tell you how that happened, you must hear the joke that started it all.

"A pirate walks into a bar with a Helm on his belt buckle. The bartender asks, 'What's with the steering wheel (helm) on your belt buckle?' To which the pirate replies, 'Arrr, it's driving me nuts!'"

When my wife and I were first dating, she would say, "Oh, it drives me nuts!"

To which I'd ask, "Do you know what drives me nuts?"

She'd ask, "What?"

And I'd reply, "A steering wheel belt buckle," and I would laugh, and she would question why she was dating me.

I would do that so much that I'd start giggling before she could ask, 'What?' Instead, she just started rolling her eyes and condemning every decision she had made, bringing her to this point in life.

So now that you have an idea of my type of humor, what kind of humor does Washington like as a whole? rolled the dice, surveyed a plethora of wisecrackers, and used Google trends and search metrics to figure out the top 3 styles of jokes that Washington loves.

Whether it was 'Dad Jokes,' 'Puns,' 'One Liners,' or even 'Toilet Humor,' we now know the top 3. And if I were to classify the common jokes from my household… they rank in at #1!

  • #3 = Practical Jokes

  • #2 = Running Gags

  • #1 = Dry Humor!

What's your favorite joke? Tap the App and make us laugh and keep scrolling for even more funny!

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