My friend took me to a place I hadn't heard of, but seemed to be popular enough. It was called Katsu Burger and it may have just changed my world.

When I thought 'Katsu Burger', I didn't know what to expect. I figured maybe it was Japanese-themed cheeseburgers with teriyaki sauce or something. Katsu is Japanese for something that's basically flattened and fried like 'chicken katsu' would like like our chicken strips, in a way.

True to the word, the burgers are fried. I had a 'curry burger' which was a pork katsu with curry sauce and some veggies. It was amazing!

They also had items like curry fries, green tea shakes. It was a nice blend. Fun way to mix it up.

As of right now there's no plans on bringing Katsu Burger to Yakima but I hope that changes soon.

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