I've Been In Yakima for almost two months now, after a trip over the mountain to visit family I realized we're missing out on a few things. Don't get me wrong there are things here in Yakima I wish we had over on the west side but I don't live there anymore...they're on their own.

They're nothing huge by any means but small things I think would be awesome to have over here and a couple of them are just me being selfish and something I miss. I'll make sure this list is quick and to the point, and again this isn't anything we absolutely need but something I think everyone would love here.

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Gravity Coffee

These guys came from out of nowhere on the west side and were spreading fast, they do customized energy drinks with their own flavors made in-house. They also offer a good choice for different coffee drinks with unaverage names. sure you can order an Americano but they also offer things like, "The Force" Or the "Eclipse" drink. one of my favorites has to be the Purple Drank which is a grape-flavored energy drink.

Dave And Busters

This one wasn't around super long at all but one trip there and you're hooked. It's a family-friendly arcade atmosphere with delicious food and of course alcohol. With beer on tap, drinks made fresh along with the food, and what feels to be an endless arcade Dave and Busters would be a dream come true here in Yakima.

Katsu Burger

This one has some history behind it and from what I've heard is only available on the west side. Katsu Burger was started by a sushi chef who studied under the best sushi make in all of Japan. He moved to the PNW started his own sushi place but also opened up a. Japanese burger restaurant. They make everything day of fresh from the meat to the veggies. The thing that takes these burgers to the next level is them being deep-fried! They also have what's called Nori Fries which is french fries tossed in seaweed giving it an extra salty crunch with every bite.

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