When Townsquare Media moved into the former dental building at 4010 Summitview it was a challenge to turn a former dental office into a radio station. But the hard work of engineers performed the magic and now 6 radio stations make their home in the building. KIT, KATS, KDBL, KUTI, KNJW AND KFFM. All the stations housed in the building and the names of the stations are now listed on the boulder sign. It's a major improvement say Townsquare Media officials who say the names used to be listed on a sign that used to belong to the former dental building. It was a small sign at the front of the building. But that's no longer.
Now the building has a brand new BOLD sign made out of a boulder from the hard working folks at Boulder Designs and Border Magic by Nash. The company is located at 101 Butterfield Road Suite F in Yakima. Company officials first met with Townsquare Media officials to create a design and presented the design on paper before starting the project.

Boulder Designs and Border Magic by Nash officials offer a variety of designs and sizes for boulder signs to make a statement at your business. Check them on the web at https://yakimawa.boulderdesigns.net/
The large Boulder sign at Townsquare Media was installed on Monday after planning and design were finished. The sign represents a new beginning for the building that now has a large sign identifying it as Townsquare headquarters in Yakima.

Stop by and check out the sign and give Boulder Designs and Border Magic by Nash a call today to help your business make a bold statement. (509) 901-9098

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