Sure, we've all been there. Wake up, got to get to work or school on time. It's enough of a hassle to get dressed, brush your teeth, comb your hair, shower, (not necessarily in that order). But you walk out the door and think, "Crap! I still have the metal in my face! If there was only some way to hide it so I don't get written up again!" Well never fear friends, now with a little help from Czech Republic artist Klára Pernicová, you can now wear "Zit Rings." Yes the jewelry studs that look just like zits. Using sterling silver & silicone as the main materials, no one will truly know until it's poppin' time!

Klára explained the idea behind her design this way:

Human sometimes wants to have something artificial on his body. But when something natural appears on his skin, he is going to get rid of it. It is so complicated to understand, what is supposed to be nice and what is not.

To check out the eye-pleasing piercing pimple camouflage, check out the website,

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