Tom Skerritt has been in great movies like Top Gun, A River Runs Through It, and Alien, just to name a few. Now he will be featured in a movie that is set in Eastern Washington. The movie is called East Of the Mountains and is based on the book called Snow Falling on Cedars, which came out nearly 30 years ago. I've never heard of that book but was very interested in all the comments on the YouTube video that features the movie trailer I posted below. So many fans of this story and Tom Skerritt are excited about this film. You can see it at the Gesa Power House Theater in Walla Walla on October 2nd. Details HERE.

In the movie, Tom Skerritt plays a retired heart surgeon who finds out he is going to die of cancer. He wants to spend his final days traveling back to his boyhood home in Eastern Washington, just him and his dog. The journey does not go as planned and there Begins the adventure!


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