This was inspired by a question Mike Pierce asked in the Facebook Community Group Grub n Chill.

Anyone else get fed a food myth as a child? - Mike Pierce

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Mattia Bericchia via Unsplash

Careful With Those Fortunes

I had an Asian friend tell me you had to eat the paper in the fortune cookie or it wouldn't come true. I didn't question it and did it for years! - Stormi Dettmann


Phil Goodwin via Unsplash

That Hose Water

My Aunt caught me drinking water out of the hose and she said I was gonna have a bunch of worms in my stomach - Tyler Johnson


Waldemar Brandt via Unsplash

It Takes Two

My Dad would tell us eating garlic bread would make our boobs grow bigger but you had to eat two slices or they would become lopsided - Carrie Andrus


Samuele Giglio via Unsplash

Careful With Your Gum

Swallowing gum will stay in your stomach for seven years and if you swallow watermelon seeds, they'll grow in your belly - Donna Archer


Alexas Fotos via Upsplash

What About the Crusts?

Eat the crust of your bread or you'll have straight hair - Kendra Hopf


Jason Leung via Unsplash

Dad the Great Story Teller

My Dad told me and my sister that rainbow sprinkles are clown boogers. Honey roasted pecans are sugar fried cockroach shells and tapioca is fertilized fish eggs - Alexandra Byle


Pille R Priske via Unsplash

Eat It All!

I used to not be able to finish my food but I was told that every rice grain left uneaten, was a worm you eat in the afterlife - Kayla Corilla


Louis Hansel via Unsplash

Careful with the Bell Peppers

If you don't take the seeds out of yellow, green, and red bell peppers you'll die or kill anyone who consumes them - Elizabeth Cardenas


Lucy Bishop via Unsplash

Don't Waste the Toast

Burnt toast makes you sing better - Drugh Lay


Ja San Miguel via Unsplash

If You Want Big Boobs

My Aunt told me that Pepsi makes your boobs big. It worked! - Mary Oman


Gabriel Gurrola via Unsplash

Eat All the Carrots

If you eat all your carrots you'll have pretty eyes - Crystal Anderson


Anthony Fomin via Unsplash

When the Ice Cream Truck Comes Around

I tell my kids if the ice cream truck is playing music that means he's run out of ice cream! - Kaytee Oceana


Goodeats via Unsplash

The Sauce

My brother's Dad always told me that soy sauce was ant blood - Marenda Haworth-Ziller


Shane via Unsplash

Mountain Dew

Drinking Mountain Dew makes you steril because of yellow #5 dye - Devin Aaron


Mae Mu via Unsplash

Is it Chocolate Milk?

My Grandma had me convinced for years that chocolate milk came from brown spotted cows  - Jess Finnell


Georgia Durrant via Unsplash

Them Yolks

Egg yolks are poison  - Allen Zeitgeist Greenky


Morten Jakob Pedersen via Unsplash

Careful Now

Don't eat candy before bed or you'll get worms! - Angel George


Aannie Spratt via Unsplash

You Can Do It!

Don't eat the leaves on broccoli, they're poison - Jenifer Dillon


Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

Interesting Reason Why They're Salty

My Dad told me pistachios were salty (he bought the salted ones) because they grew in ditches and people peed on them! - Samantha Anderson


Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Watch Out for the Coffee

My Mom used to tell us that drinking coffee would make our knees turn brown - Amanda Conners


Mike Dorner via Unsplash

That's Bananas

During the depression when fresh fruit was scarce, my Aunt told my Mom that the seeds in the banana were poisonous so she could have them all to herself - Lauren Cole


Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash

It's All in the Pit

Almonds come from the center of peach pits - Elizabeth Adams


Tetrebbien via Unsplash

Where Nightmares Come From

Spicy food gives you bad dreams - Nalu Ryder


Vincent Keiman via Unsplash

When the Grill is On

The meat on my Step Dad's BBQ was always roadkill - Kirstina Consford


Andrew Ridley via Unsplash

What Frogs Do

One of my Mom's boyfriends told me mushrooms grow under frogs and they peed on them and I could get warts. I didn't eat mushrooms from ages 6-27 - Mae Danger


Engin Akyurt via Unsplash

When You Drink

If I drink liquid, drink it after I was completely done eating and it would help to not gain so much weight - John Moore


Pille r Priske via Unsplash

They Are Crying

Back then I used to not like rice all that much, and my Grandma would point at the condensation on the bowl and say, "see the rice is crying because you won't eat it" - Samudra Kumaratungga


Margarita Zueva via Unsplash

The Secret to Growing Tall

If you eat oatmeal you'll be tall, I ate a lot and indeed I was tall. My brother refused and he is short. - Kimberley Louchs Winarske


Seriously Low-Carb via Unsplash

Do you Want Rosy Cheeks?

Eat your crusts to get rosy cheeks - KatieLynn Longmire


Farshad Rezvanian via Unsplash

So That's Where They Come From!

Hot air balloons come from swallowing gum - Kimberly Seymour


Sarah Johnson

I Refuse to Believe It

Eating raw cookie dough gives you worms - Angy Higgins Cowan


Lisa Yount Via Unsplash

If You're in Cambodia

If you eat while laying down you'll turn into an alligator or a crocodile and when everyone's asleep and eat the family - Andernee Yin


Erik Dungan via Unsplash

Look for the Bubbles

My maternal Grandmother told my Mom that no one would kiss her if her tortillas didn't bubble when she cooked them. - Natalie Blevins


Lucas Santos via Unsplash

It Will Explodes Though

That mentos and diet coke will explode in your stomach if you ingest them both at the same time - Shayda Vahdat


Quaritsch Photography via Unsplash

Don't Do It

If you swallow a cherry pit, a tree will grow out of your butt and all the other kids will follow you around come springtime - Casey Heckman


Morten Jakob Pedersen via Unsplash

More Things That Give You Worms

Things that give you worms; undercooked chicken, raw eggs, unwashed fruits and vegetables, pork that isn't cooked, unwashed hands, and dirt (in general) - Aimee St. Germain


Bermix Studio via Unsplash

Good Reason to Eat What You Want

If you don't eat whatever you're craving, you'll get a canker sore on your tongue - Stephanie G Rose


Brandi Alexandra via Unsplash

All the Lies

I was convinced (embarrassed to say until recently) that cotton candy disappeared overnight. My older siblings would eat it all after I went to bed and told me it dissolved - Bill Golden


Engin Akyurt via unsplash

To Get the Curly Ones

My Mom tried to convince me that zucchini would give me curly eyelashes. I didn't buy it for a second! - Lauren Harris


Arnaud Mesureur via Unsplash

Doesn't Everything Grow on Trees?

My cousin believed spaghetti grew on trees for a long time - Amber Vankovsky


Dinu J Nair via Unsplash

Look at the Bottle Tops

Sometimes you'll notice two little indents on the caps of plastic soda bottles and when I was very little my Dad used to tell me that vampires had gotten to the ones with the little indents and then I would obsess over trying to find those ones specifically - Maggie Hender


Getty Images

The Root of the Matter

Celery is the Devils root - Daijon Westling


Mateusz Feliksik via Unsplash

Oh, You Like the Pulp?

The pulp in orange juice is the booger of the people who picked the oranges - Alex Griffin


Jakub Kapusnak via Unsplash

Watch for the Fish Bones

My Mom told me if I swallowed the little fish bones they would stab me in the throat and I'd die - Charlie Bray


Louis Mornaud via Unsplash

Something Everyone Has

My Dad called parmesan cheese toe jam! ~ Marlene Kent


Nica via Unsplash

Careful with that Expiration Date

Chocolate milk is made of expired milk - Jessica June Denning


Universal Eye via Unsplash

Growing Up in Indonesia

My Dad said that if we drank the tap water, that we would grow an extra eye. We proceeded to chug the tap water! ~ Jordan Chu


Nandhu Kumar via Unsplash

Don't Drink That

My Dad used to tell us that Mountain Dew contained goat pee so we wouldn't drink it - Katie Bee

Donut Holes by Girl with the Red Hat

10 Second Rule

Donut holes are the middle of the regular donuts that fall on the floor, so they sell them. To be honest, I didn't care and ate them anyway. - Cameo Harmon

Mike Bergmann via Unsplash

Careful with the Dairy

Can't drink milk after eating seafood - Shikha Singh

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