You've seen those cakes that look like a giant cheeseburger and fries? Maybe you've seen sculptures that are made of chocolate. I thought I've seen it all until someone clued me on to this. What looks like fried chicken is actually ice cream.

Soon as I saw it I knew I had to look it up. Upon closer inspection, it turns out Goldbelly has it available for sale. If you're not familiar, Goldbelly is a website that you can basically order local food from other regions delivered to your door. Chicago-style pizza, New York bagels, baked goods from Los Angeles -- anything from anywhere. I've personally used this site a few times in the past. Looks like I'll be using it again for this as I just have to try it for myself.

According to someone who did order it, the 'breading' is basically Frosted Flakes and they even put a pretzel in the ice cream to simulate the bone. How fun!

You'll be paying a premium if you do order this. $99 to have them ship a bucket of nine pieces to you, but it's carefully packaged and arrives frozen with dry ice so you should be good there.

Order Not Fried Chicken ice cream via

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