Well, we got halfway through the week before another scam popped up. If you have not heard about any of the other ones that have been coming out of left field through out the month of September, check out the Scam-Round-Up. The new one targets customers of the major online store, Amazon.com.

The scam pretty much works like this: you get an email from Amazon, stating that your orders are being held until you verify your billing information. It gives you a handy button / link to click on. The site you're taken to, actually looks like Amazon. IT IS NOT!

Picked up and shared on the Facebook page Yakima Scan, a post  the from the Colombia County Sheriff's Office warned about the scam on it's social media:

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office would like to take this opportunity to warn the public regarding a new identity theft scam involving Amazon.

Please take a look at the attached photo. People have been receiving these letters by both regular and e-mail, indicating that a hold has been placed on your account and all pending orders until such time as billing information can be verified.

Unsuspecting people will tap on the link, which directs you to a website that looks like it's Amazon, but in reality it's a data mining site that steals your identity in order to secure mail order merchandise under your name and bank account.
Don't fall for this! If you have questions or real concerns about your Amazon account, contact Amazon directly through known and trusted links, and not through links provided in e-mails or text messages.

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