Fans of Weezer (like myself) can finally rejoice! First, The Hella Mega Tour! that they were going to be on, with the likes of Green Day and Fallout Boy, got postponed due to the pandemic. So that sucked, and now we have to wait until... well, hopefully July, but only time will tell if that even happens. Then their new album that they were going to release, in support of that tour, got put on the shelf until later this year. Finally, we are going to get some new stuff, no it's not the "VAN-WEEZER" album that was promised, but something else entirely new! The new album, joking nicknamed by fans "The Quarantined Album" is officially titled "OK Human" and will be released Friday January 29th!

The twelve song album can be pre-ordered now at Song titles include: Grapes Of Wrath, Playing My Piano, Mirror Image, Screens, Dead Roses, Bird With A Broken Wing, Here Comes The Rain, Everything Happens For A Reason & the first single from the new album, All My Favorite Songs.

If you're wondering what happened to the album Van-Weezer, (which contained singles "The End Of The Game" & "Hero") don't worry, it's still set to be released in the future. Right now the date is set for May 7th of 2021. Hopefully just in time for the make-up Hella Mega Tour dates!

For more albums dropping soon, we got the February release schedule here!


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