During his daily press conference following a preseason workout, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was momentarily interrupted by his star quarterback Russell Wilson.

Following an offseason of tumult and (mostly) unsubstantiated rumors about Wilson seeking a potential trade out of the Emerald City, the QB butted in to Carroll's address to say, "Just letting everybody know we're still friends". Carroll seemed genuinely amused and the incident was punctuated by Hawks General Manager John Schneider basically photo bombing the camera to flash the peace sign.

Are things all hunky-dory in Seahawk-ville again? From the looks of it, yes. Recently Wilson has publicly stated that he has never wanted to leave Seattle and is aiming to finish his, thus far, historic NFL career with the Seahawks. In his own press conference last Thursday (June 10), Wilson was quoted as saying, "I'm here to win and win it all." He reportedly also said, ""I hope I play my whole career here. That's my mission. That's my goal." Referencing the uneasiness during the winter, Wilson did go as far to admit that there were "unfortunate frustrations" that came to a head.

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Wilson is entering his 10th season as the Hawks signal-caller and has played in all 16 regular season games each year. Seattle opens the 2021 NFL season in Indianapolis against the Colts before kicking off their home schedule the following Sunday at Lumen Field when they host the Tennessee Titans. The Hawks will be featured in five nationally televised games in prime time.

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson


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