John Riggs
John Riggs

I've only tried Mango Sticky Rice once in my life. It was just shy of 10 years ago on a trip to Hawaii when there was a street vendor fair with a booth selling it. Admittedly I'm not much for mangos but the combination was sweet rice with mango was a perfect combination. I've missed it. Glad to say there's a place in Yakima that now carries it.

If you're looking to fulfil your Mango Sticky Rice fix, the Why Not Pho Kitchen on 40th and Summitview now has it on the menu.

They were known for great pho and other asian cuisine and have just recently added a lot of authentic Thai food to the menu including pad thai and more. I never even considered that they may have had Mango Sticky Rice on the menu until browsing the new items and it jumped out at me. I had to grab that, too.

It was great! It's hard to explain without just saying it's sliced mangos with rice but the rice is sweetened with coconut milk and, well, it's very sticky. The rice clumps together very easily. The goal is to eat both the mango and sticky rice with each bite. If you ration it right you're in for a very nice treat. By themselves they're fine but together they're even better.

If you've heard of mango sticky rice but have always wanted to try it, check out the Why Not Pho Kitcken and grab some for there or to go.

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