Feeling nostalgic? Take a gander at this YouTube video I stumbled across on YouTube that features a bunch of Yakima business's television advertisements. Since I've lived here for the vast majority of my life, I suspect that most of these were aired in the late 80's to early 90's.
The user's channel that I found it on was nathanolson which is described the following way: "If you can't convince them, confuse them. Nate Olson's Youtube Channel includes the following: Retro Nostalgia - Comedy Skits & Sound FX".

He describes the following video this way: "If I find myself in Yakima Washington - I'm going to Burger Ranch!! Local Ad's from 1980's & 1990's."

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Throughout the nearly 10-minute montage, I recognized a bunch of places that I had totally forgotten about and was reminded of some people that were local celebrities at the time. Heck, I even heard MYSELF on one of the ads! (At the 7:47 mark I am doing what is called a voiceover for a promo touting the city of Yakima's annual 4th of July celebration!)

One of my current co-workers, Dave Ettl, was featured in a KNDO news promo as well as a former co-worker, Mike Conklin. Probably the best memory that came back watching this was seeing the late Bob Clem being his usual self in a spot for Burger Ranch.

Other business that are featured are:
Meredith Furniture
Yakima Mall (Lens Crafters is coming! w00t!)
Smith's Home Furnishings
Pay 'N Pak
1-499-TEEN ($1.99 per minute to talk to teenagers?!?! I'll pass!)
Vista Volkswagen
Yakima Reds Soccer (YWCA Public Service Announcement)
Fred Meyer

One other glaringly nostalgic aspect of this video? It was uploaded from what is clearly a VHS recording. Yup, kids, that was HD back in the day for us!


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