Jack Reynolds gave himself a most unexpected birthday present.

The British man turned 104 last week and celebrated by becoming the oldest person to get a tattoo for the first time. While getting the tattoo, he said, "I'd rather be doing this than getting a haircut," which makes us think he really ought to consider someone less frightening than Sweeney Todd to give him a nice coif.

The tat said "Jacko 6.4.1912," in reference to his birthday (remember, those wacky Europeans do the day then the month when writing dates).

Before he went under the needle, Reynolds talked about the moment with Good Morning Britain.

And after he got the ink he just had to share it with the world.

Way to go, Jacko. He may be 104, but it looks like he's finally having his midlife crisis. Who knows what he'll do next -- get a girlfriend in her 20s? Buy a convertible? Get his ear pierced? No matter what he does you know it's going to be pretty boss.

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