Washington is known for many things, including the tech boom, Amazon, Sports, music, and Coffee. However, you can't have our delicious coffee without trying some of our amazing donuts. We're not exactly known for our donuts in the area but we do have some Legendary choices.

We'll take a look all around Washington and name the top five most famous spots in the PNW to get your donut fix, including eastern and western Washington. So strap on your bib and save room for lunch, this is The Top 5 Donuts in Washington to Treat your Tastebuds to.

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5.) Popular Donuts - Kennewick

Popular Donuts has been supplying the Tri-Cities with delicious donuts of all shapes and sizes. The best thing about this place is the community reviews, they talk about how the donuts are made fresh every day, and they have new flavors to try during different seasons. It's obvious to see the community of Kennewick and the Tri-Cities love their donut shop.

4.) Spudnut Donuts - Richland 

The most popular donut shop in all of Richland is Spudnut, holding a #5 for favorite restaurants, which may not seem like a big deal but that's out of the other 176 restaurants in Richland. They have a 4.5 rating on trip advisor and Yelp reviews coming out of their donut holes with happy locals that refuse to go anywhere else.

3.) Happy Donuts - Puyallup

This shop is hard to miss since it's got a giant donut sign right out front, on top of that they also have a Maple Bacon Donut Bar that will knock your socks off. Most places nowadays have maple bacon donuts but this place has two long strips of bacon stacked on the maple bar giving your the perfect bite every time. They have a fully stocked case with a large variety of donuts which drives locals to try something new every time they go in.

2.) Legendary Donuts - Tacoma

Legendary Donuts in Tacoma has expanded and become a chain in the pacific northwest, doing its best to make a name for itself while also giving Portlands Voodoo Donuts a run for its money. These donuts are not your average run of the mill, most of them are giant, and the flavors are ever-changing with dessert-like qualities such as their cookies and cream donut, the lemon Marange donut, or their fruit loop breakfast donut. Their menu is ever-changing and is a must-try for anyone in Washington.

1.) Doolie's Kitchen - Yakima 

Doolie's kitchen is slowly but surely becoming a staple in the Yakima Valley, they're known for their donuts but also make some delicious sandwiches and bread. However, we're here for the donuts, they found the perfect recipe making every donut light and fluffy, they take some liberties in trying new creations like their tiger tail which is a maple bar with finely crushed Oreos and a stripe of peanut butter to fill your pallet with an array of delicious flavors. If you've never tried them before stop by and take a chance, they may even hook you up with some free samples to make sure you get everything you're looking for.

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