Tattoo Artist Covers Abuse Scars
A Russian tattoo artist reached out on social media saying she would cover abuse scars with free butterfly tattoos! The response was overwhelming, and Yevgeniya Zakhar soon had to limit appointments to once a week because so many people came to her.
Stories written in ink
Today (Sept. 16) is National Tattoo Story Day and man, I know you have some dang good stories on how you got your tattoo. Here is mine!
What's closer to your heart?
I decided to check out what the latest crazy was with the new Apple Watch. I went to the only store within two hours of us that sells them and checked it out. I was going to put one on but the thing was worth $12,000. Are you kidding me? It probably would not have worked for me anyway, because I hav…
Ms. Kelly and Ms. Hope [VIDEO]
I've got my share of tattoos and piercings, but it's been awhile -- so I figured I'd stop in and see my friend Ms. Hope at Crazy Ink Tattoos, 118 S. First St. It's one of Yakima's coolest shops!
Anyhow, Ms. Hope is awesome to work with, and her work is awesome, too...
Best tat ever, until....
This dude thought he had the best tattoo ever, until....

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