Monday night marked the return of Major League Baseball for another year.
At my house we refer to it as "New Year's Day" and celebrate almost as fervently as we do on December 31st of each year.

This year was no different.

My son, Drew, who is now eight years-old and is a HUGE Mariners fan, decided to turn our living room into a makeshift ballpark.

Since the M's opened the season on the road in Oakland, we did the next best thing to make us feel like we were at the game.

First, he constructed a hand-operated scoreboard using construction paper and my massive CD rack.

Townsquare Media/Todd E. Lyons

And no game experience would be complete without ballpark food, so we turned the kitchen counter in a "SNAK BAR" (the prices were WAAAAYYYY cheaper than at SafeCo Field!)

Toensquare Media/Todd E. Lyons