The Presbyterian Church I grew up attending in Naches, Washington was so cool.

I’m not talking about the teachings events held there (those were good too) but I’m talking about the building itself!

Between the main chapel, the upstairs event room with a stage, giant kitchen and neat storage areas, it was a great place to get lost in. In fact, hide and go seek was a game we played often.

Man, if I had the $750k that this Church in Astoria, Oregon is going for, I’d re-live and make some new memories!

Church For Sale
Christy Chaloux Coulombe (SALTAIRE Coastal Homes) via / Canva

This 9,430 square foot building was built in 1947, and with the exception of a few of the meeting rooms, most look modern and up to date.

Even the room overlooking the chapel with its wood paneling walls has a fun charm to it.

Christy Chaloux Coulombe (SALTAIRE Coastal Homes) via
Christy Chaloux Coulombe (SALTAIRE Coastal Homes) via

The and listing agent Christy Chaloux Coulombe (SALTAIRE Coastal Homes) listing has it as a “Single Family Residence” but, man with all that space, as long as you could get a long and share the giant kitchen, you could get your family, your cousins family, and maybe one more in there pretty easily.

My only concern is, it is listed as “0 beds, 4 baths”. The late great Mitch Hedberg, made a very true joke about how any room can be a bedroom:

“It’s up to me how many bedrooms there are though isn’t it? This bedroom has an oven in it!

But the “4 baths”, in all of the pictures, I didn’t see any tubs or showers. So that might be something to keep in mind if you purchase this place with the sole purpose of living there.

OMG! Own Your Own Oregon Church!

Own a piece of Astoria, Oregon history with this 1947 Church, located at 1151 Harrison Ave, nearby downtown Astoria and has an amazing view of the Columbia River!

A big thanks to listing agent Christy Chaloux Coulombe (SALTAIRE Coastal Homes) via for bringing us these great photos!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

What would you do if you owned this building?

Would you live in it or convert it to something? Dance club, entertainment venue, Airbnb, different type of church? Tap the App and let us know what you’d do!

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