Did you hear that Facebook says they're banning eggplant and peach emojis? Well, only if you are using them in a racy way. It is a common cell phone tradition to use the emoji when you are referring to some "peen" or a peach emoji if you're sending secret messages about getting some "tail".

Look, I'm trying to be as clean as I can in this post. It is hard for me to stop giggling over here and NOT to use adult language to describe what those two emojis represent, so please cut me a little slack.

Here are some other emojis you can use to get your point across:

  • FRIES EMOJI: 🍟 Salt 'N Pepa sang the lyrics, "Lemme get some FRIES with that shake, shake!" You know that fries is code for a little something-something!
  • LOBSTER EMOJI: Beyonce sang, "When he [BLEEPS] me good, I take his [BLEEP] to Red Lobster."

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