Sometimes it's just not fun to go grocery shopping. I like to have a list but I find I am always adding extra items and once home and unpacked, I am missing one or two crucial ingredients for what I had intended on making in the first place. In the end, am too tired to follow through and food goes to waste. I am a work in progress as are you and we are going to make it through this!

Have You Ever Considered Local Produce Boxes?

We have a few different options in our area

  • Pacific Northwest Fresh
  • McIIrath Farm Market
  • Johnson Orchards

You can set up a delivery to happen once a week, every few weeks, or once a month, and then you have the add-ons. Bread, cheeses, jams, mushrooms, and flowers can all be added to your cart before the deadline. Then all you have to do is make sure your cupboards are ready with pasta sauces, salad dressings, and a plan!

Easy Recipes to Get You Started

  • Greens - Most of your produce boxes come with some sort of lettuce variety. Pro Tip, soak your lettuce in a bowl of ice water overnight and you will be amazed. It will double in size! You can create a lettuce wrap with meat and provolone or whip up some tuna fish for a no-fuss dinner or lunch
  • Zucchini - If you are working on cutting back the carbs, swapping thin slices of zucchini for noodles in your lasagna is a refreshing meal that provides you all the familiar comforts but without the heaviness
  • Tomato - Have you heard of Shakshuka? Chop up the onion, bell pepper, and tomatoes until it's simmering, and drop eggs into the pan. You can toast up some bread or even use slices of sweet potatoes to scoop up the steaming goodness.
  • Carrots - I have been hearing about this healthy salad that is literally ribbons of carrots mixed with a touch of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a touch of honey. You can find a ton of variation of this salad but eating it once a day helps with digestion and is high in fiber, keeping you fuller for longer! Win, win!
  • Carrots - I also LOVE to pickle carrots and add them to turkey sandwiches or a tuna sandwich. Slightly obsessed with this lately. The crunch and the bite of vinegar make my taste buds sing!
  • Asparagus - You can chop it up, sear it up, wrap it in bacon or simmer them in butter. All ways are delicious, add some potatoes, a nice salad, and some chicken or fish, it's a great meal!

Ideas and Produce

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