Pasco Police are looking for this gal who left Subway with a BMT and the tip jar cash!

Surveillance video shows the girl entering the sandwich shop on Court Street Friday at about 9:20 pm. She ordered a 6-inch BMT and as the sandwich artist was preparing the order, she helped herself to the employee's tip jar, next to the counter.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

The employee saw the girl grab the money from the jar. He left the sandwich on the counter and went to get the store manager. When they returned up front, the gal was gone, with the unpaid-for sandwich and all the cash from the tip jar.

The employee lost all his tips...$31 and change.

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Pasco Police are looking for the tip jar thief. She's described as a white female with blonde hair. She was wearing a Mariners baseball cap, grey zip hoody, blue shirt, light blue jeans, white shoes. She was also sporting a white face covering.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

If you can identify the tip jar thief, Pasco Police would like to hear from you. Give them a call at

The Subway sandwich artist worked hard for those tips. That $31 was earned by him, not by that greedy gal in the photos. The images are clear, surely someone can identify her.

Times are tough, especially today with the pandemic. Subway sandwich artists deal with people who are particular with their orders. Which bread? Toasted or not? Which meat, cheese, and which toppings?

Then, a thief takes your tips? Who is she? Call Pasco Police at 509-628-0333.

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