Here is my story about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)!My daughter and I lived in Montana for a very long time. She could fish before she could walk! Well, almost. HA. But she did gut her first fish at age 5. With my help, of course. She was and is an amazing fisherman. I raised her well.

We were driving down Montana Avenue in Billings, Montana in our Jeep with our fishing poles in the back. We had 4 of her friends with us and headed to the outpost to pick up some bait because we were going to the Boulder river to do some fishing.

All of the sudden, in the middle of the roadway was a "Giant Fish"! We all freaked out and said we wish we had that costume, until we got closed to "The Giant Fish"!

There was a chick inside and on the front of the fish costume was a sign that said "Hooks Hurt! Don't Fish! Be kind to them"! WTF! HA My daughter, her friends and I about died laughing to death!

My daughter says to me, "Mom, slow down! I want to do something"! So I said "OK but don't yell out because she is just doing her job, I think, so we don't wanna be mean"!

So I did what my daughter had instructed and slowed down. She rolled down the window and with a hug grin on her 10 year old face she pretended to cast out and reel in from the window! HA

I almost couldn't even drive any more because I was dieing of laughter!

Needless to say, the girl in the fish costume saw this and ran from the street crying! I felt kinda bad because she was doing what she was told but as the saying goes, "JESUS ATE FISH"! HA

Our meaning of PETA is "People Eating Tasty Animals"!