While all of Washington State has moved in to Phase 2 of Governor Inslee's plan to fully re-open the state in response to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still some frustrating aspects that are causing Washingtonians to take action.

Parents, students and fans of high school athletics and the kids who compete in them are being relegated to having, in many cases, just one parent allowed to come be a spectator to cheer on their son, daughter or school. This has drawn the ire of thousands of folks that have already signed a petition that has been created on the popular crowd sourcing website Change.org. A user by the name of Lauren O'Neill started the petition and is looking to collect 15,000 electronic "signatures" to present to the Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association to allow for more people to attend games, matches, events, etc.

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Her reasoning, according to the petition's description is as follows: "Students at their respective schools also should be able to have a student section, cheerleaders are cheering to nobody, why not have a student section to support their football team, or any other sport?
Kids in Spokane drive 15-20 minutes to Northern Idaho schools and watch basketball games with packed gyms, full student sections, and a good time. It’s time to let people back into games in Washington
While getting some semblance of "normalcy" back with the return of sports to a degree this winter is, indeed, encouraging, it is still crushing to many that are unable to watch and cheer in person. ESPECIALLY for those who have Seniors that could very well be playing organized sports at the highest level that they will ever achieve.

Do you agree with opening up high school sports and other extra-curricular activities to more people? If you would like to sign the petition (over 12,750 signatures collected as of this writing) click the button below.

Good luck to all of the student/athletes across Washington State. We can't wait to see you play in person again!

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