This is so Monday. And it is so gross, but science swears it's good for you.



This is for all the kids branded as weirdos for picking their nose and eating it.

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Scientists at MIT and Harvard have just concluded that picking your nose and EATING it is good for you. "It's a rich reservoir of good bacteria" It keeps bacteria from sticking to your teeth, and the good bacteria in your mucus can help fight against everything from ulcers to HIV. OMG, eating your boogers can help prevent AIDS.

This is NOT a joke.

And how's this for more surreal?

The scientists say they're now going to start developing a TOOTHPASTE and GUM made out of a synthetic mucus to help you get the nose picking benefits. Uh, no thanks, I'll take my chances.

I totally didn't believe it either, until I read about it here.


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